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Welcome to the world of vanilla, a unique and generous orchid whose carefully cultivated and prepared fruit reveals its secrets and flavours through a fullness of senses: taste as much as smell, but also the senses of touch, sight and dreams

It is natural and its discrete taste is powerful. The savour of its aroma brings to your best desserts and dishes this delicate finesse, which will ravish the connoisseurs’ taste buds.

Its smell is so unique that it is often used as a culinary reference when describing the flavour of other food, such as some wines. Its smell is light, refined, lasts harmoniously and then leaves its place to restore its actual taste.

It is agreeable to the touch; the slightest contact with the finger perfumes the hands deliciously for several hours.

Its sight underlines your dishes’ luxury and gastronomy. When seeing a single bean or the many tiny little seeds, your talents as a chef are confirmed.

Finally, dreams: To many people vanilla represents remote, heavenly and sometimes unknown destinations. There, where time is measured only when speaking about our best recollections, we taste all of life’s instants, and we share values that we are happy to recover.

It’s for all these reasons that we love so much the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, which is generally accepted as one of the best vanillas in the world.

Biological cultivation of vanilla plants (click to enlarge the picture):


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It is forbidden to sell under the name “vanilla” a product which is not genuine vanilla. Vanilla-flavoured means based on vanilla. Vanillin-based means made with synthetic chemicals.
Did you know?

Vanilla-based Recipes »

Sauces, desserts, cocktails, starters, chicken, scallop-shells… vanilla is used in all kinds of dishes. Here are links to a few websites that offer hundreds of recipes based on natural vanilla:
Homemade Vanilla Extract

Knowing Everything About Vanilla »

In order to discover its history, cultivation, preparation, production and much more, go to the free encyclopedia website The free encyclopedia website

Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar »

Simply put one kg of sugar into an airtight jar with a vanilla bean split into two parts for about eight days. Sugar can be added little by little. You can also use a vanilla bean which has already been split and grated for preparation. This natural vanilla sugar will add flavour to jams, desserts and many more dishes.

The Great Island of Madagascar »

Located a few hundred kilometres from the African continent, the fourth larger island in the world remained isolated from Africa and Asia for more than 90 million years. This isolation has preserved its unique endemic fauna and flora, which make Madagascar a “living conservatory.”

Discover the Red Island, its population and its tourism opportunities, thanks to the Embassy of Madagascar in Canada. Embassy of Madagascar in Canada



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