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- 27 th of October 2015 : All the news on Vanilla bean Riziky on Facebook

- 2 th of Septembre 2013 : More than 1500 fans on our Facebook page, join-us! Vanilla bean Riziky on Facebook

- 27 th of May 2012 : Report on our vanilla in the show "Un peu de tous" broadcast on TV Brussels. See the excerpt: Youtube - Un peu de tous

- 20th of April 2011 Join our new french fanpage on Facebook on www.facebook.com/vanilleriziky

- 19th of February 2010: Increase on our permanent stock, delivery for large order quickly expedied.

- 27th of May 2009: End of political crisis in Madagascar, the situation in the country improves.

- 15th of November 2008: New harvest’s arrival; a very good year.

- 8th of April 2008: Our vanilla has got the distinction "Highly recommended" by Vanilla Review

- 7th of December 2007: New harvest’s arrival; as always perfect quality is assured.

- 6th of Mei 2007: 20% of the national production of vanilla destroyed by multiple cyclones in Madagascar. Nevertheless prices remain stable.

- 9th of December 2006: The price of vanilla and our prices, up to a 26% decrease

- 6th of December 2006: New harvest’s arrival; good quality is always assured.

- 3rd of December 2006: New functioning structure- thanks to your numerous orders we have expanded our domestic production of vanilla to other small local producers.

- 20th of June 2006: Because the “PREMIUM” quality vanilla becomes unobtainable during the end of this season, we have chosen to also commercialize the “GOURMET” quality in order to fulfil all your needs. Those vanilla beans are smaller and therefore less expensive, but as good as the others!

- 29th of Marsh 2006: Decrease in the price of vanilla and our prices.

- 1st of Marsh 2006: More and more of you are appreciating our products. Thank you!

- 21st of December 2005: The new vanilla harvest has just arrived.

Local quality selection (click to enlarge the picture).


Did you know? »

It is forbidden to sell under the name “vanilla” a product which is not genuine vanilla. Vanilla-flavoured means based on vanilla. Vanillin-based means made with synthetic chemicals.
Did you know?

Vanilla-based Recipes »

Sauces, desserts, cocktails, starters, chicken, scallop-shells… vanilla is used in all kinds of dishes. Here are links to a few websites that offer hundreds of recipes based on natural vanilla:
Homemade Vanilla Extract

Knowing Everything About Vanilla »

In order to discover its history, cultivation, preparation, production and much more, go to the free encyclopedia website The free encyclopedia website

Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar »

Simply put one kg of sugar into an airtight jar with a vanilla bean split into two parts for about eight days. Sugar can be added little by little. You can also use a vanilla bean which has already been split and grated for preparation. This natural vanilla sugar will add flavour to jams, desserts and many more dishes.

The Great Island of Madagascar »

Located a few hundred kilometres from the African continent, the fourth larger island in the world remained isolated from Africa and Asia for more than 90 million years. This isolation has preserved its unique endemic fauna and flora, which make Madagascar a “living conservatory.”

Discover the Red Island, its population and its tourism opportunities, thanks to the Embassy of Madagascar in Canada. Embassy of Madagascar in Canada



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